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Electric Pallet Stacker Guide

The electric pallet stacker is a piece of equipment which is often used within large commercial environments to help move goods about quickly and effectively. What sets the electric pallet stacker apart from the regular pallet stacker is that the electric stacker has the capability to work autonomously in some instances and can lift larger weights. Through this guide I will discuss with you the different advantages of an electric pallet stacker versus a regular pallet stacker. In addition to this I will also cover different factors that are affecting the logistics industry.

The Pallet Stacker

The electric stacker originated from a tool known as the pallet stacker. The pallet stacker goes by a number of different names such as hand jack , pallet trolley etc. Originally the pallet stacker was designed so that individual people could transport much heavier goods without needing several people to lift the goods. It was a great success although it didn't really rise to prominence until several years after its launch. The first real pallet jack was introduced around 1918. Typically pallet stackers are used within commercial and retail environments to move goods quickly and effectively between storerooms or stores. Some pallet stackers can transport and move goods of up to and over three tonnes in weight! Another advantage of regular pallet stackers is that they only require one person to operate. This minimises labour required and greatly increases overall efficiency. A further advantage to the manual or regular pallet stacker is they are very easy to operate and navigate. This means that they can be easily manoeuvred within warehouse or store environments.

Having mentioned the main features and advantages of the pallet stacker it is important to note that there were also a number of disadvantages which may have held it back. One of the main disadvantages is that due to them being operated by one person they can only travel restricted distances. A further disadvantage they have is that they cannot reach the same heights as forklift trucks can when moving and transporting goods.

The Electric Pallet Stacker

The electric pallet stacker is similar to the regular pallet stacker in many respects. However it holds a number of unique capabilities which may give it a slight edge over its predecessor. One of these is the fact that the electric pallet stacker can be operated for much longer periods of time than the manual pallet stacker. This can help to improve overall productivity and effectiveness within a commercial environment. On the other hand one of the downsides to the electric pallet stacker is that is considerably more expensive than a regular manual pallet stacker. Another advantage of the electric pallet stacker is that it can travel much further distances than the manual pallet stacker and additionally it has higher weight capacity which can contribute to overall efficiency.


Overall to conclude it can be stated that the electric pallet stacker is an upgraded version of the manual pallet stacker which has helped to transform workplaces across the UK.

ewan5267 • 2019 May 13

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